Give the gift of education

Education is a human right; it should not be a privilege. Young people can be the change they want to see in the world. It’s just that in many developing countries, young leaders do not always have the means to continue with their education and reach their full potential.

We think that the most effective way for communities to develop is to enable more people from within communities to have access to education, so that they can be the leaders of the change they want to see. Watipa is a social enterprise, where we channel the profits from providing ethical consultancy services into a youth development fund.

You can join us and directly add your support.

How many young leaders do you want to support in their education? Two is the answer, for a whole year, if you give one thousand to the Watipa youth development programme.

If you were to give one thousand, don’t you want to know where the money goes? Watipa is run as a social enterprise, which means that we run a profitable business and donate 10% of our profits to the youth development programme. All our overhead and management costs are covered from the revenue generated by the business. That means, we don’t charge any processing fee or profit at all from the donations to the youth development programme.

100% of the funds received go directly to support young people.