Education is a human right. It should not be a privilege. Yet too many aspiring young leaders around the world are denied the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In September 2016, Watipa created a scholarship program to support young people to achieve their dreams and to give back to their communities. We provide scholarships for young leaders in developing countries, from disadvantaged backgrounds who have a vision and commitment to using their education to also benefit others.

With your help, we exceeded our goal of supporting 10 students in the first year (2016) – and we currently support 36 young leaders in 8 countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania.

In 2017, we had nearly 700 applications for the Watipa scholarships – which was six times as many as in 2016. There is a clearly a need for flexible, locally based funding for education like that offered by our scholarships. In the future, Watipa aspires to be able to meet more of that need – and with your help, step by step, we will get closer.

As a guide, here is an idea of how your generous donation translates to support for a student:

  • £10 = contribution to a scholarship.
  • £20 = living expenses (contribution to food, transport, rent) for one student.
  • £50 = books and materials for one student for one semester.
  • £100 = stipend for living expenses for one student for one semester.
  • £500 = total scholarship (tuition fees) for one student for one semester.
  • £1,000 = total scholarship (tuition fees) for one student to finish secondary school or a year of higher education.
  • £3,000 = total scholarship (tuition fees) for one student for one higher education course.

100% of the funds we receive go directly to the beneficiaries. 

You can give the gift of education directly through this website, and set up a recurring monthly or once off donation today.