Youth leadership

At Watipa, the leadership and expertise of young people are central throughout everything that we do. Three members of our Board of Trustees (one quarter) are under the age of 27 years old.

Young people are leaders of today – not only of tomorrow. We recognise that young people often know the solutions they would like to see to improve the situation in their communities, it’s just that they lack opportunities to make that change happen.

Watipa is much more than the sum of our parts, and lead at the core by a committee group of visionary young leaders in developing countries around the world. In the consultancy services we provide in the social enterprise, we create opportunities to involve the Watipa scholars. This benefits the clients, who get access to fresh perspectives from people outside the ‘usual’ reach of development initiatives. This benefits the consultancy team, as we get to work with vibrant and insightful young leaders. It also benefits the scholars, through creating work experience, income generating opportunities, and exposure to international colleagues.