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“Watipa is doing a really great job in giving young Africans the hope and aspiration to be what they want to be.”

Emmanuel Boateng Duah, Watipa Scholar 2016, Ghana

Hope and aspiration

“2017 has been my year of extraordinary things…now I can see and touch the things I used to watch in my dreams… Watipa paved a way for me not to lose the chance of a university education.”

Marriam Nassaka, Watipa Scholar 2016, Uganda

Dreaming big

“Watipa has raised my hopes of achieving my goal to support my community to access quality education, clean water and food through the scholarship and believing my objectives can be achieved”.

Amos Zingiri Mwamlamba, Watipa Scholar 2016, Kenya

Believing in myself

“That heart felt application form really gave me a huge wake up call about my lack of community engagement and really forced me to dig deeper and start putting my place into action… I really love tutoring and being of assistance, which is one of the main reasons why I want to perhaps dedicate my life to opening national youth centres. So I just got the news that I got the position and I am so elated and overjoyed because I finally get to be a big sister and share my growth trials and assit young girls not only with education but personal development and emotional support. I thought I should share the great news and thank the team for holding me accountable to my passions.”

Zamathusi Thusi, Watipa Scholar 2016, South Africa

Thank you for holding me accountable to my passions

“I didn’t realise that my money could go so far… a university education in Australia is relatively expensive, but to think that £500 could support one student for one year in Malawi is really inspiring. I am glad to know that my contribution is going directly to help the beneficiaries.”

Jane Stackpool Blaikie, Australia


Direct impact

“I believe that education is a powerful tool for generating jobs, improving incomes, and expanding the opportunities available to poor people like me. It is the best way out of poverty… My father died in the year 2000 and I have been brought up by my mother alone who relies on farming. My mother has struggled a lot to provide for my secondary education…. This is a cycle of poverty. I am failing to go to school because my family cannot afford paying fees. In the future I will not have the skills to help myself, so I will become a poor adult and I will not afford paying school fees for my kids and the cycle will continue.”

Malawi, 20 year old male applicant, October 2017

Education is a powerful tool

“This scholarship is one of the greatest opportunities that have been offered to the Malawi youths.”

Malawi, 22 year old male applicant, October 2017

A great opportunity

“I love to study so much I want to improve myself as I need more knowledges. Scholarship is the only way that can opportunity for me to continue to study… I think that if I got a scholarship I will get a good of education and more knowledge for myself, share to all chlidren or people in my society. So that it is my dream.” 

Cambodia, 23 year old female applicant, October 2017

I love to study